"Fata Morgana" - Graduation film (Trailer)

Co-Director with Leanna Berkovitch, Concept artist, Head of character animation

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Animation, Clean-up, color.

Director& Art director: Lee Dror
Co-animated with Ella Ben Yaacov

Background assistant: Doreen Shwartzman
Coloring: Leanna Berkovitch
Layout: Elisheva Kessel
Post-production: The Hive studio, Aviv Ziv

Little pirates - For Good (Music Clip)

Direction, Animation, Concept-art

Animated Loop for LOOP-DE-LOOP Israel

Direction, Animation, Concept-art

Animated Postcard for TOING

Direction, Animation, Concept-art

Music Clip for Ron Gur Arieh

Short animated film "Palacinta" (3rd Year)

Director, Concept art, Animation, Backgrounds

Color: Yonatan Zalk

A Tale of Five Balloons - Commercial for HOT

Clean-up, Animation.

Head of animation: Robert Moreno Meikins.

Co-animated with Leanna Berkovitch, Naama Zarfaty

Animation, Clean-up, color.

Production: GreenHouse studio

Creative: Oren Green
Co-animated with Guma Ranks

Designed by: Eliran Harush

Title Sequence for "KAN" KIDS 

Animation, Clean-up, Color, Compositing

For Chen Milyoner's Outdoor Theatre

Logo Animation

Direction, Animation, Concept-art

Animated Postcard for TOING

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