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"Fata Morgana" - (graduation film) 

Short animated film "Palacinta" (3rd Year)

Co-Director with Leanna Berkovitch, Concept artist, Head of character animation
available online here

Director, Concept art, Animation, Backgrounds

Color: Yonatan Zalk

"Mosinzon" (documentary feature film) | 65 min

Director: Avi Weissblai
Animation director: Leanna Berkovitch

Storyboard: Ido Shapira
3D Animation: Yonatan Waserman


Animation, Backgrounds

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"LIVING ROOM" - Original production of Suzanne Dellal Centre,  by Inbal Pinto

Animation director and lead animator
Post-production: Aviv Ziv
Color and cleaning: Nofar Schweitzer

Background: Inbal Pinto
Additional animation: Yael Reisfeld Ildis

Lead animator, charcter animator
Illustration: Eliran Harush
Additional animation: Raz Sonnenfeld, Yonatan Zalk

Production company: Guts

"Brilliant" (website)