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 Animations.Paintings.Sculptures. Illustrations.


Since a young age, throughout my childhood, I've always been surrounded by art. My dear father ,  a sculptor and a visual arts teacher,  filled our home with sculptures, paintings, art books and a variety of materials.  I fell in love with it all, colors, clay, coal, pastels, cardboard, markers and cast, everything was mine to conquer.

When i grew up i was accepted to the 'Thelma Yellin' High School of the Arts, from which I graduated with honors in 2010. After that, between the years of 2010 to 2013, I served as a reporter in the military. I gained many skills such as writing, editing and producing.

After my service, the choice to go study at the 'Bezalel Academy of arts' felt like the most logical option. I was eager to get back to crafting and drawing. At Bezalel I decided to combine two more passions of mine - cinema and literature. Animation to me Incorporates all these things perfectly, the use of art in such a versatile way that all the senses are being used felt like a challenge and excited me. I was engrossed, and films such as Waltz with Bashir, Anomalisa and Coraline, removed the stigma of animation being "only for children", proving to me more that this medium can be used to talk about important subjects that are deep, scary and thrilling. It still amazes me how animation can bring life to a still image. Creating characters, fantastic or realistic and make them interact in a place I've imagined or been influenced by, is one of the more rewarding things of the art form.

In summer 2016 I took part of the production of the Israeli and Hungarian animated film "Being Solomon" (2017), that opened my appetite to continue growing in the field of classic animation, whether in the mainstream cinema or through innovative, independent films.