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Fata Morgana | 11:04 min | Short Animated-documentary 

Three women living life as nomads. Cristina travels the world, Anna takes her daughter wherever she goes, and Rachel has made her home under a branch roof, in a tent and in a cave.

What does each woman pack in her knapsack before she sets out on her own? The movie confronts the conflict between the stability of motherhood and life at home, and the yearning to wander


Directors: Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch

Participate: Cristina Luisa, Anna Barsky, Rachel Christa Bat-Adam, Kleo Barsky-Dizdar

Animation: Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch, Liron Narunsky

Music: Ady Cohen

Sound Design: Ilan Admon

Produced by: Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch, Halel Gliksberg, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and with the support of The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund


Festival Screenings:


RiverRun International Film Festival  NC, USA. 2020 (Special jury award)

Moscow Shorts. Russia. July 2020 (Best documentary)

KIFF- Sea of Galilee film festival Israel. 2020 (First Place)

TISFF - Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival Tel Aviv, Israel. 2020. (The Israeli Competition: Best Film Editing,  Special Mention fromThe Israeli Film Critics Association Award)


Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF)  Seoul, South Korea. 2020. (Student Film Competition)

Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa, Israel. 2019 (Israeli Animation, shorts competition)

Animaze - The Montreal International Animation Film Festival Montreal, Canada. 2020 (Student Film Shorts II)

Animatricks International Animation Festival Helsinki, Finland. 2020. (International Competition)

ReAnima: Bergen International Animation Festival Bergen, Norway. 2020 (Lyderhorn Competition)

Linz International Short Film Festival Linz, Austria. 2020. (Official nominee:  Best Documentary)

La Guarimba Film Festival Amantea, Italy. 2021 (Animation competition)

ANIMAGE, Pernambuco, Brazil. 2021 (Competitive Screening)

ANIMATE, Redfern, Australia. 2022 (Competitive Screening)

Student International Film Festival (STIFF) Croatia. 2020.

International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA, Jelenia Góra, Poland. 2021 (SHORT ANIMATED FILM competition)

PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film Festival, Paris, France. 2021 (Student Film competition)

‪EPOS International Art Film Festival Tel Aviv, Israel. 2020. (Short Film Competition)

Asif – Animix International Animation Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2019. (Student Film Competition) 

Factual Animation Film Festival (FAFF) UK, 2020.

Neum Animated Film Festival Neum ,Bosnia. 2021 (Animation competition)

Swindon Independent Film Festival UK. 2020. (Official nominee: Best Student Film, Best Documentary)

Zaporizhzhia International Film Festival (ZIFF) Ukraine. 2020 (Competition program - Best Documentary Film)

Short to the Point Brasov, Romania. 2020 (Semi-Finalist)

Budapest Independent Film Festival, ​Budapest , Hungary. 2021  (Finalist)

Official selections

PÖFF Shorts (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival) Tallinn, Estonia. 2020

Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora Syros, Greece. 2020

Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan. (Jury Selections). 2021

Animator, Poznań, Poland. 2021

Primanima, WORLD FESTIVAL OF FIRST ANIMATIONS, Budapest, Hungary. 2021

The Boston Jewish Film Festival Massachusetts, USA. 2020

Miami Jewish Film Festival Miami, USA. 2021

Canlandıranlar Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey. 2020

Carmel International Short Film Festival Zikhron Yaakov Israel. 2020

Joyce Forum Jewish Short Film Festival (JFJSFF) San Diego, California, USA. 2020

Crossing The Screen Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. 2020

Jerusalem Women's Film Festival Jerusalem, Israel. 2021

Deptford Film Festival London, UK. 2020

Galil Adventure Film Festival Rosh Pina, Israel. 2020

ROMA CINEMA DOC Rome, Italy. 2020 

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